Nature Art: Treasure Hunt Stick

Hunt 2project from Kiwi Crate

This art activity is great to accompany a fun hike in the woods. Not only does it encourage artistic creativity, but it also promotes exploration and discovery of the beautiful treasures in nature! All you need is yarn, scissors, and a good Y-shaped stick.

The first step is to find a stick, and make sure it is in the shape of a Y. Sturdier sticks work better than flimsy sticks for this project, as they will hold the treasures that you find more securely. Second, wrap the yarn around the stick between the opening in the Y, leaving plenty of room to fill your stick with treasures. You are now ready to begin your treasure hunt.

Go on a walk in the woods, down to a pond, through a stream, over a mountain… wherever the path takes you! As you wander keep a look out for neat things that you see to collect for your nature treasure hunt stick.


Hunt 1

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