Nature Art: Flower Window Gardens

This activity is a perfect way to bring a little bit of nature indoors and preserve the beautiful flowers and leaves growing outside. To make a window garden, you will need a paper plate, scissors, tape or contact paper, markers (or other decorating supplies), and an assortment of flowers, leaves, and things found in nature.

Window 1







To begin, go on a short walk outside to collect leaves and flowers that you would like to place in your window garden. Once you have the plants, cut the flat center portion out of a paper plate leaving only the exterior ring of paper. Then color and decorate the edge of a paper plate in any manner that you choose!

Window 2







Once you have the ring ready, place tape or contact paper over the open circle in the plate, sticky side down. Alternatively you can use plastic wrap, just secure the plastic wrap with tape on the backside of the paper plate. Turn the plate over and arrange your flower and leaf collection on the tape, pressing to secure in place.
Window 3






Place another layer of tape or contact paper over the backside of the plate, fully covering your flowers and leaves. If you used plastic wrap, just add another layer of plastic wrap to the back and secure to the ring using tape. Your window flower garden is now complete!

Window 4

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