Farrington Memorial was established upon the death of Charles F. Farrington in 1907 to honor his parents, Ebenezer Trescott Farrington and Eliza Delano Farrington. It was Charles Farrington’s desire to have a Memorial as an unsectarian and philanthropic resource for enriching the lives of urban children in whom his parents were deeply interested.

In his will, Charles Farrington asked his trustees to purchase a “healthy and beautiful locality to which children may be sent for a longer or shorter time to recuperate their health and draw new life, physical, mental and moral, to meet the responsibilities that may come to them.”

In July of 1912, the Farrington Memorial, at 291 Cambridge Turnpike, opened its doors to care for undernourished girls who needed a temporary stay in the country to recuperate. After World War II the City Missionary Society ran a variety of programs from the property to benefit children and adults. From 1977 to 2004, Gould Farm ran a community residence supportive of young adults on the property also.

Since 2002, the property has been managed as a summer outdoor activity site and hosts visits by groups of children from Boston, Cambridge, and other neighboring urban communities for a day of exploration, learning, and fun.

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