About Us


We believe in the importance of connecting children to nature, the land, and the outdoors in an increasingly urbanized world, so they can:
– Broaden their horizons and feel part of a natural world wider and more diverse than their immediate circumstances
– Experience the respite and renewal that comes from peaceful, beautiful, and healthful surroundings, and a safe and supportive community
– Find joy, self-discovery, spiritual resilience, and physical strength from time outdoors in woodlands, ponds, and open fields
– Follow their natural curiosity and creativity to explore with confidence, to value learning, and to express themselves in new ways
– Accept responsibility as stewards of the natural world, of agriculture, and the built environment
– Appreciate the legacy of past generations and of others today who live closer to the land
– Become leaders and role models of a better world

As an organization, we commit to:
– Protect and preserve natural areas and sustainably steward the land
– Provide excellent care for all domestic and farm animals, and protect wildlife
– Be a great place to work and develop skills, both for youth and adult staff and for volunteers
– Be a responsible and available landlord
– Be a good neighbor to abutters, the town of Lincoln, and the Cambridge Watershed
– Honor our heritage, historic buildings, and landmarks
– Manage our finances and fundraising for the exclusive benefit of our mission

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We’re hiring two positions for summer 2017! Click the links below for a pdf with the job description.

2017 Explore Coordinator

2017 Lead Counselor

Farrington Nature Linc is a project of Farrington Memorial, Inc.