How to Make a Wizard Stick

wizard sticksIn April 2013, a group of K-4th graders came out from the Elm St. School in Cambridge for an afternoon adventure.  We went for a nice walk along the woods and trails, stopping to look in some vernal pools and look for frogs and frog and salamander eggs (the group had excellent luck spotting green frogs).

Of course, the ultimate goal of the hike was to come back with a stick to paint and turn into a wizard stick.  Before we headed out on the trail, I showed them an example of a wizard stick I had painted before they came.  I told all the kids they would be allowed to paint their stick however they wanted, and they would be able to pick which ever stick they wanted.  With both the wizard sticks and the frogs to look forward to, they were very excited for their hike.Elmst1

When we came back, I laid out trays with white, blue, red, and yellow paint.  The groups mixed their own paint colors and painted their creations.

All in all, they had a wonderful trip out to Farrington, and I recommend a wizard stick as a quick and simple activity to connect a hike with a project.elmst2

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